Hand Tools

Power tools can make a job so much faster?  Well some times.  This particular post is in response to a question my dad asked>  “Why do you have to do it the hard way?”  Well my explanation is the wheel chair ramp I made for my wife.  to do it faster I would have needed three power saws, Well I can’t afford three power saws.  See I cut notches in to the 4 by 4s to fit everything together.  All the screws do is hold the wood together.  I could take out all the screws out and it would still stand, as long as no one pushed it sideways.  It took three different depth of cuts and two different angles.  In the amount of time it would take to set the saw up for each cut, I was able to make the cuts with my two hand saws.  If I hadn’t been using my hand saws on a fairly regular bases I wouldn’t have been able to cut the straight or have known how to sharpen the saw so that the cuts came very easy.  After cutting enough notches to put together a 34 foot ramp, my arm and shoulder hurt beyond belief.  but was able to build the ramp in two weekends.  The skills I developed, doing things the hard way.  With all of this said I would like to thank Roy Underhill and Christopher Schwarz, between ones show and the others books I not only had the tools I needed but also knew how to use them.

ps I also need to thank my dad.  He taught me the love of books and of knowledge.


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