Back with technology and a small project

I gave up technology for lent.  Didn’t do very well with it.  After my mother died I kind of laxed on my Lenten promise and watched way too much TV.  After that I did much better.  Lent is over with and I don’t watch nearly as much TV as I did before Ash Wednesday.

Sense all of this happened, I have accomplished a few things.   I built a 2 by 4 shave horse and built a ramp for my wife.  She had surgery on both of her feet and our porch is 38 inches off of the yard and a proper ramp has a slope of 1 in 12, plus 2 4 foot by 4 foot platforms.  that is a 46 foot run.  When I started I had no idea what I was doing but putting up a fence and building a few other projects I was able to design something quite nice and solid.  I didn’t have a power saw but my hand saws worked very well (my fathers and a friend did the treads with a power saw.  I did everything else with a hand saws.  every thing is half lapped and screwed together.  Needles to say my sawing capabilities have improved 10 fld.  It took us two week ends and a little time before work in between.  Some of my joints were a little sloppy but as the project progressed they tightened up.

I had a little more help from prayer.  It was suppose to rain on my seconded week end, well storm was the forecast.  I was near tears.  My wife was going to have surgery That Wednesday and I wasn’t even halfway done.  I begged God to help me and I expected to be doing everything in a down pore.  I woke up to a partly cloudy Saturday morning, and got to work.  If it was going to storm I was going to get as much done before it started.  The morning started off well.  I was able to finish off a lot of cuts and get pieces in place and by the time I had to go to the store to pick up more lumber I noticed the harder I worked the sunnier it became.  God met my half way.  I honestly believe that God will meet anyone half way, with prayer.  I thank him everyday for his help in this project knowing my wife is able to get in and out of our home with some hard work and a blessing from him above.




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